Vision & Mission
ICU Vision

To activate the role of Tanta University of having a distinguished presence in the international academia through cooperating with universities and scientific research centers regionally and internationally.

 ICU Mission

Supporting international relations in order to enhance Tanta University's privileged status all over the world by building bridges of academic and cultural cooperation through bilateral agreements, developing partnerships to share knowledge, transfer technology and participate in international competitive projects and further activate student exchange to improve the scientific products of Tanta University. 

ICU Strategic Objectives

1. To underpin international relations and build academic and cultural cooperation bridges to reinforce its global status and accentuate the positive image of the University of Tanta to the world,
2. To propose and prepare memoranda of understanding with international universities which would increase the university’s points of excellence, 
3. To develop exchanging knowledge partnerships and originate new educational programs for bachelors and modern degrees for advanced research plans of PhDs in conjunction with foreign centers and universities in the light of cooperation/partnership agreements 
4. To follow-up signed agreements and protocols of cooperation the university signs with other institutions and universities, re-communicate with them to find ways of efficient cooperation in education and in scientific and technological research to achieve the highest level of fruitful and constructive collaboration through expertise and scientific visits, 
5. To support visiting professors’ programs, to and from the university annually at the regional and international level,
6. To assist in processing joint research work among faculty members in faculties and scientific departments with corresponding faculties and research centers at partner universities in other countries,
7. To facilitate the faculty members’ participation in supervising theses/dissertations for masters and doctoral degrees, and take part in committees and governance discussion with partner universities in other countries, 
8. To follow the submission dates of international competitive projects and raising awareness, educating and training faculty members of the university to join in these projects at scheduled dates,
9. To work on attracting foreign students from other countries and support the international students and exchange students with the partner universities.