About The Center

Quality Assurance Unit

About Quality Assurance Unit, Faculty of Physical Education, Tanta University The Quality Assurance Unit, Faculty of Physical Education, Tanta University, was established in 2007 to complete the procedures for establishing an internal quality system within the Faculty of Physical Education, Tanta University, and to develop the executive project plan in line with the university strategy in quality assurance and accreditation. The strategy. In accordance with the decision of the college council in its session No. (9) held on 18 March 2007, the unit was approved as an administrative entity to follow up and evaluate performance within the college. The unit works to improve the faculty to meet the requirements and quality standards in order to gain the trust of the community in the graduates through the process of continuous improvement and improvement of the educational process according to specific and clear criteria.

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Vision & Mission

Vision The Faculty of Physical Education seeks excellence and leadership in the field of teaching and learning for research activities, which meeting the needs of society and the surrounding environment in the sports field. ​ Mission Faculty of Physical Education Tanta University is an educational and research institution working on analyzing its vision through: -Preparing distinguished graduates in the fields of education, training and sports management to meet the needs of the labor market at the local and regional level. - Development of scientific research and development to serve the educational process. - Contribute to the development of the awareness of sports communication with the community and the environment surrounding it.

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