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Employment Forum

The College will establish an annual recruitment forum for graduates of the College by inviting investors in the private education sector and officials in public and private education, private and private clubs and health centers to inform them of the educational services offered by the College to raise the level of the graduates as well as to identify their needs of graduates. - People's Assembly deputies - Responsible for education in Gharbia - Officials of Al-Azhar. - Responsible for the School Sports Association - Responsible for the special meter of the west - Responsible for Tanta Sports Club - Officials of private clubs - Health club officials (C) - Youth and Sports Directorate in Gharbia To learn about their role in providing employment opportunities for college graduates.

Crisis Management

Formation of the Crisis and Disaster Unit at the Faculty of Physical Education for the academic year 2016/2017 Dr. Azza Shawki Al Wasimi, Dean of the College and Head of the Unit


The College established the Office of graduates services in 1995 in order to communicate with the graduates by implementing some services for them. This office follows the administration of education and students affairs in the college. - Exploitation of the deposit to pay the expenses of withdrawing the file and paid by the graduate by the college treasury. - The graduate cancels the party's evacuation paper and signs in the register that he has received his complete file. - Temporary certificate: - Graduates complete the application of the certificate and bring stamps and stamps and bring a personal photo and photo ID or birth certificate until the birth of the student and a complete mark when writing the interim certificate in a form dedicated to it. - Grade statement The student will complete the application for the grade statement, bring stamps, stamp, and bring a personal photograph - In the framework of the College's efforts to apply accreditation standards, the College prepared a follow-up unit for the graduates by the decision of the College Council on 24/8/2014

Quality Assurance Unit

About Quality Assurance Unit, Faculty of Physical Education, Tanta University The Quality Assurance Unit, Faculty of Physical Education, Tanta University, was established in 2007 to complete the procedures for establishing an internal quality system within the Faculty of Physical Education, Tanta University, and to develop the executive project plan in line with the university strategy in quality assurance and accreditation. The strategy. In accordance with the decision of the college council in its session No. (9) held on 18 March 2007, the unit was approved as an administrative entity to follow up and evaluate performance within the college. The unit works to improve the faculty to meet the requirements and quality standards in order to gain the trust of the community in the graduates through the process of continuous improvement and improvement of the educational process according to specific and clear criteria.

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Vision and Mission

Vision The Faculty of Physical Education seeks excellence and leadership in the field of teaching and learning for research activities, which meeting the needs of society and the surrounding environment in the sports field. ​ Mission Faculty of Physical Education Tanta University is an educational and research institution working on analyzing its vision through: -Preparing distinguished graduates in the fields of education, training and sports management to meet the needs of the labor market at the local and regional level. - Development of scientific research and development to serve the educational process. - Contribute to the development of the awareness of sports communication with the community and the environment surrounding it.

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